The dream of Ringside Boxing Gym started in 2011. Two friends who shared the same passion for exercise and boxing came together to attempt to start something fresh and exciting using old school boxing integrated with new exercise techniques in order to give the public the experience of lacing up a pair of gloves and pushing themselves physically in an enjoyable, family orientated environment.

We pride ourselves on being a club where we get to know everyone. Ringside is a place where everyone feels at home, irrespective of age, size, shape, fitness level or status. Everyone trains at the gym for various reasons. Whether you want a hot body, build a bit of fitness or just want to come and take out some frustration on the heavy bag, Ringside is the place for you. No fancy gym kit is needed but if you like putting on a bit of make-up before you sweat then you can do that too! All we care about is our members having a good time, staying active and healthy and living the dream.

We want people to be happy, keep things simple and love life!





  • Sean is Ringside’s very own enforcer! He confuses members with his big arms covered in tattoos and his surprisingly gentle heart. Sean played competitive rugby at provincial level and also competed on the bodybuilding stage very successfully. He brings many of those training methodologies to the gym ensuring that members get fitter, stronger and look better all at the same time. When Sean is not putting members through their paces in the boxing ring he can often be spotted upstairs making sure that members are performing barbell squats with the correct form. As a former rugby player and boxer, Sean has taken a couple of bumps to the head so often forgets whether members have done 10, 20 or 50 push-ups in a set. Bottom line is that he gets you to work and work hard! 

  • Winston is a native of Malawi who came into Ringside and started off helping around the gym, cleaning the floors and rolling up wraps. However, his positive attitude and infectious smile quickly made him a favourite amongst the gym members where he started out working with the youngsters and also holding hand pads for a few of the members. Winston has progressed into helping out with our sessions, putting the folks through their paces in a true tough African spirit! You know what they say, “Africa is not for sissies!” Winston will make you sweat with a massive happy smile on his face.

  • Tyron has had boxing in his blood from a young age. He started boxing as an amateur when he was only eight and got his nose bloodied at his very first workout. His mother wouldn’t let him quit however and he has been boxing ever since. Albeit with a less than attractive nose! He has competed at the South African Amateur Championships where he received a bronze medal and has had a few pro fights as well. Kate wasn’t too happy about him getting beat up so often so he decided to “retire”! He has a degree in Exercise Science and Biokinetics and has a military background. This combination is sure to leave you gasping for air as he often forgets he is not on the parade ground anymore!

  • The rose amongst the thorns! Kate is not only the beauty of Ringside but also the heart and soul of everything behind the scenes. She makes sure that all members are kept happy and that the toilet paper gets refilled regularly. If you have any questions about how to sign up or whether you will survive your first session she is the person to ask. Kate’s body is testament to the fact that the training at Ringside works. She also heads up the Shed that Spread 12 Week Challenge and prides herself on getting the members to achieve their goals. Her favourite foods are hake and broccoli and she loves washing it all down with an ice cold glass of water.



“Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.” 

~ Muhammad Ali




12 Week Body Transformation Challenge

Shed that Spread is the brain child of Kate Koen. She was tired of body transformations promising the world and never delivering. So being the ingenious woman that she is she spent a vast amount of time planning and preparing her challenge, turning it into the most comprehensive program that you will find.

The 12 week challenge starts off with a weigh in day where your base line results or starting point is determined. Photographs are taken by our resident pro photographer and the intricacies of the challenge are explained in detail by Kate herself. The participants of the challenge are given their first 4 – week eating plan as well as being issued with a food diary which they use to track all their meals and beverage intake.

During the 12 week period participants are given full access to all boxing conditioning and fitness classes presented by Ringside. Along with the boxing classes each participant on the challenge selects two designated weight training sessions a week which they are compelled to attend. This allows the participants to obtain the benefits of both regular resistance training coupled with the fitness and cardiovascular benefits of the functional training presented in the boxing conditioning classes.

After the initial 4 weeks the eating plan is amended according to the information provided in the food diaries. A second assessment is done where weight, height and body fat percentage are compared to the measurements taken at the initial weigh in. The training regimes, in terms of the weight training sessions are also changed at this point.

After another four weeks the process is repeated again with another assessment day and the participants are given their final four week eating plan.

At the conclusion of the 12 weeks the participants are assessed for the final time and the final “after” photos are taken by our photographer (NO PHOTOSHOP!!). The results are sent off to our independent judges and the overall winners and runner ups are announced at our highly anticipated cocktail evening and prize giving function.

Shed that Spread is a body transformation challenge unlike any other for the simple reason that Kate takes the goals and desires of the participants as her own. She takes it very personally if people don’t reach what they set out to as she believes it is a reflection on her. She is in contact with the participants 24/7 and is super motivated to keep everyone else motivated at the same time. Kate truly does go the extra mile and has been known to answer calls or messages at 4am giving advice on what breakfast to eat before the 05:30 training session or even receiving images of various restaurants menu’s to give tips on what to eat and what to avoid while couples doing the challenge are on their date nights!

You will truly not find a more comprehensive body transformation challenge anywhere. Like anything in life, if you work hard and follow the good advice given you will achieve amazing things!


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